3D Company, Inc. Projects

136th Street & Prairie Baptist Improvements - Hamilton County

Sight distance and approach grades were improved in this 2017 project. There were no added travel lanes or signalization. The realignment consisted of both horizontal and vertical corrections (an 'S' curve was eliminated on 136th street, and the elevation was raised on the west leg of intersection and cut down to existing elevation on the east leg of the intersection).

136th Street & Prairie Baptist Improvements

Brick Paver Intersection - Ball State University, Muncie, In

The intersection of McKinnley Ave. and Riverside Ave. on the Ball State University campus, known as "The Scramble Light", was a project completed in 2011 that gave a clean, polished look to an old campus icon. 3D Company, Inc. can be credited with all of the excavation, underground utilities and concrete sidewalks on the project.

BSU Scramble Light Intersection

Roundabout - Muncie, In

The Morrison Rd. and Jackson St. roundabout, shown to the left, was completed in April 2012. The project took 12 months to complete and was the second roundabout built in Delaware county. Our portion of the project included all excavation, underground utilities and box culvert work.

Morrison Jackson Street Round About

Current and Recent Years Projects

  • INDOT Hamilton Co 116th Street & Hazel Dell Rd Roundabout
  • INDOT Randolph Co Union Street Road Rehabilitation
  • INDOT Hamilton Co 96th Street Roundabout
  • INDOT Hamilton Co Rangeline Rd Roundabout
  • BSU Geothermal Conversion Package 3
  • INDOT Madison Co SR9 Asphalt Resurface
  • INDOT Delaware Co SR 35 3-Sided Box Culvert Replacement
  • INDOT Delaware Co Neely Ave Road Rehabilitation
  • INDOT Delaware Co River Road Trail
  • Delcom Schools New Administration Building
  • $ 2,847,000
  • $ 1,577,500
  • $ 2,380,000
  • $ 1,923,200
  • $ 1,845,000
  • $    882,936
  • $    370,240
  • $    652,140
  • $    898,815
  • $      80,766